Calvary Chapel Vineland has often been involved in community outreach. However, our WE CARE Ministry has an inward focus to care for families and individuals who call CCV their church home. To that end, we present our three-fold vision. 

First, as the church grows, it becomes more difficult to know all the special and/or crisis events that often take place in the lives of our church members. Therefore, we wish to establish a better means of communication so that the pastoral staff and fellow believers will be better informed and able to mobilized and connect. 

Second, we seek to encourage everyone in our fellowship to minister one-to-another. The standard of profile for a healthy church is when all members care for each other by offering help and support. This might involve rejoicing with a family at the birth of their child, a wedding or a special anniversary. Or it might involve weeping with a family at the death or severe illness of a dear loved one. 

Third, we hope to provide a prayer and ministry network to help insure that our senior members, shut-ins or those that have gone through surgery, etc, know that WE CARE. We want to be by their side to walk with them in times of joy, comfort or need. 

Therefore, we request that you keep us informed of your special life situations by sending an email to: or contact our church office: 856.696.9409