// A Global Ministry//

Whether it's Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or Philadelphia, South Africa, the message of the gospel can reach around the globe thanks to the staff of the media ministry. Led by Pastor Philip Wojcik, Calvary Chapel of Vineland becomes a virtual missionary every Wednesday and Sunday to anyone with internet access. Now, more than ever, the Gospel is accessible in every corner of the world.

Make a joyful noise to the Lord

// Our Mission //

As a global ministry of Calvary Chapel of Vineland, the media ministry is dedicated to providing a distraction-free environment so as to make clear the mesage that our speakers and pastors have to offer.

Be it a heartfelt worship song or a moving sermon, the media ministry's primary objective is to ensure that distractions are limited and that every viewer can be placed in the right mindset so as to make what is said and sung the most effective. The team of the media ministry works hard every service to ensure that every viewer receives the best broadcast possible because they know that somewhere someone needs to hear what is being said.