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Calvary Chapel Vineland Missions is a globally minded support network of missionaries serving focusing primarally in Western and Eastern Europe. The following is a list of the missionaries that we support (click on there name to send them an e-mail). If you would like to donate specific funds to a particular missionary, you can go to the donate tab and donate directly to them.

  • Günther, Jennifer, David, Jonathan & Lena Marie:

    Günther is pastoring the Calvary Chapel in Gruenstadt, Germany. We are involved in spreading the word, descipleship, church planting, and evangelism.

  • Pastor Craig received the call to full time ministry in 1985 where he ministered among the poor in Juarez Mexico & in war torn El Salvador. From 1988 -1991 he worked in Evangelistic ministry in India, Pakistan and Nepal. In 1991 The Lord called him to Italy where he met and married his wife Silvana and they continued in evangelistic ministry until 1995. After serving for a year at CCBC in Murrieta CA, The Lord called Craig and Silvana back to Italy to plant the Calvary Chapel in Montebelluna Italy. In 2003 the Lord led them to plant a new church in the city of Feltre and in 2007 to plant another church in the city of Padova.

  • Dreams Alive: The Arab-American Alliance is a ministry of Arabs and Americans serving the Lord in the Middle East.

    Approximately 1.2 billion Muslims live around the world and the vast majority of them have never met an authentic follower of Christ. No one has ever told them the truth about God and this has left them in spiritual darkness. Yet by God’s grace that is changing. The prophet Isaiah’s words ring as true today as the day he spoke them. The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, upon them a light has shined.” God has been pouring out His Spirit and literally tens of thousands of Muslims around the world have been embracing Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Still, there is much work to be done!

    Denny is the pastor of Saar Fellowship, an international evangelical congregation in the tiny island Kingdom of Bahrain. This Gulf nation is home to the US Navy’s 5th Fleet with over 7,000 troops. Bahrain is also home to many "guest workers" from around the world. The church has blessed people from more than 40 nations and more than 10 times as many denominations! We meet weekly for worship, provide Bible teaching & counseling.

    Susan serves as a Kindergarten teacher in a Bahrain elementary school where she presents an authentic and active witness of a loving Christian. She hopes the children will be blessed by her love, prayers, and dedicated work.

    Our hearts’ passion is for the Persecuted Christians in the Arab world. We do our best to comfort them by prayer, visits, and assisting (financially & other ways) ministries of evangelism and serving refuges from the “Islamic State.” When appropriate we give financial aid to assist churches, individuals, and ministries in the Middle East. Currently we serve the nations of Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Israel.

    Overall, our purpose is to share the love of Christ so that the light of Christ will enlighten minds and open hearts to worship Him. If you are a part of the Dreams Alive team, whether you go or give so that others may go, YOU are a vital to this purpose. Thank you for your prayers, your gifts, and your friendship!  


    bridlington, united kingdom

    Bridlington is a small town- population 35,000- located in Northern England on the North Sea. It is a former fishing port, tourist destination and retirement community. With failing fish stocks, cheap flights to warmer holiday destinations coupled with economic downturn Bridlington is in a rapid state of decline. Many people from major cities who are on social benefits have moved to Bridlington looking for happiness by the Sea. As a result they have brought many inner-city problems with them. Some years ago Bridlington had the highest murder rate per capita in England. Broken families, drugs, violence and unemployment are widespread although Bridlington still retains a pretty good outward appearance seeking to attract visitors for weekends and summer holidays.

    Our current ministry is pastoring a small CC fellowship, which the Lord used us to start as a home-group 11 years ago. Many of those who attend are unemployed- about 90%. Our two major outreaches have been our weekly teen youth outreach (Reborn) and toddler group outreach (Little Fish). Toddler groups are attended by mom's with toddlers during the week to provide them something to do. Many churches and public places have them. Ours is specifically Christian and by God's grace is increasingly well attended. Many of the moms are single parents with multiple children.

    The Lord has also called us to be a support to other Evangelical churches in Bridlington and the surrounding area. Many Evangelical churches are struggling to find ministers to pastor them. Being the case Loren sees part of his calling as supporting these churches through prayer, teaching for them when he can and providing leadership support. Thus far the Lord has used him to support two different Baptist churches in this way. He is still assisting one at this time. He is often asked to teach and different churches ranging from Baptist to Pentecostal when he can. By God's grace we have also been instrumental in bringing fellow Evangelical ministers in the area together for prayer, mutual support and at times combined outreaches. Jeanna oversees our Sunday school, women's ministry, toddler outreach and is often used to encourage and support minister's wives (she's meeting with a Church of England minister's wife as I type).

    Loren is also on the teaching staff of CC Bible College York.

    We believe that the more we can be a part of the community to be a light for Jesus the better. Which has led Jeanna to volunteer at our local children's school as well as join as a parent governor (kind of like the PTA, but with much more power). And Loren to volunteer for different community projects to be a witness for Christ amongst the lost.  

  • Vienna is a big mission field with very few Christians. The majority of the people are officially Catholic but in reality are mostly agnostic and more open to and interested in esoteric spirituality. Many people are leaving the Catholic church to avoid paying the nominal 'church tax' and are also disenchanted with it. At the same time the evangelical church is usually grouped together in their minds with the cults since they generally don’t know anything about the Bible -- so are either skeptical of the Gospel or easily misled. We started the church here in 1998 with a few people and it has been growing slowly over the years, mostly through friendship evangelism and God bringing people searching for teaching and fellowship. We do some street evangelism and surveys, and always get a wide variety of world views, from strict Catholic to Muslim to New Age to Atheist, it's always interesting to share the Gospel here.

  • Rafael pastors an international church, called Santa Ponsa Community Church, and directs the Mallorca Bible School, affiliated with CCBC Murrieta. The church's motto is 'Heart to God, Hand to Man', and it runs several ministries, such as outreach to the homeless, to mums and toddlers, to the poor and needy in the community, evangelism in the busy Saturday flea market, and in the lively city centre of Palma, the capital. We have recently started a Spanish homegroup in Palma, and we are waiting on the Lord to grow it as a church. The church also supports other ministries and missionaries, in Romania, New Zealand, and Azerbajian.