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Calvary Chapel Vineland Missions is a globally minded support network of missionaries serving focusing primarally in Western and Eastern Europe. The following is a list of the missionaries that we support (click on there name to send them an e-mail). If you would like to donate specific funds to a particular missionary, you can go to the donate tab and donate directly to them.

  • The Ibbotsons have been missionaries in Salzburg, Austria since 2008, as they felt the Lord calling them to Salzburg to start a verse-by-verse Bible teaching church in the city and mission field where Ivan grew up. 

    In September of 2008, "The Chapel" in Salzburg began its journey with a handful of people meeting for a midweek Bible study.  Within months, God opened the doors for us to have our first Sunday morning service.

    We have been moving forward steadily ever since and have seen the hand of God move greatly.  It's amazing to witness God use the most unlikely people in the most unconventional ways for the purpose of furthering His kingdom for His name's sake.

    Your prayers and support are GREATLY appreciated as they assist in the ministry to the people of Salzburg. 

  • While in a University studying mechanical engineering, the Lord moved on his heart and directed him to attend CC Bible College in Vajta, Hungary, where he spent 1 semester. He connected with many European missionaries, including Craig Quam of CC Montebelluna, Italy. David expressed interest, so Craig invited him to spend time with them in Italy. So, he took a step of faith with a 1 year commitment. He's been in Italy ever since, with a heart to see churches planted throughout Italy. His vision is to see Italian pastors raised up and to move on to another area that needs a church established.

    In 2011,  a talented musician named, Denae, was invited to play an outreach concert for CC Montebelluna and David was her contact person. The night she played her concert, David told someone from the church, "I'm going to marry that girl." 3 years later, they were married and 1 month later, Denae moved to Ferrara with David on this new missionary venture of faith! They've since moved to Turin to plant their next church. David teaches and disciples the saints and Denae leads worship, helps David with all things-administrative and things email related. She has a vision for creativity, especially in music. CCV is honored to support this gifted team. 

  • Rod has been in the mission field since 1990, while still a single man. When the Iron Curtain fell, the door to freely preach the Gospel to former communist countries was opened. Rod moved to Baja, Hungary to be part of a church planting team, where he was for one and one half years. He then took the pastorate of an existing Calvary Chapel in the former Yugoslavia, where he lived for four and one half years. It was there that he met and married his wife, Zuza, and where their son, Joshua, was born. They eventually moved to Spittal, Austria to pastor the Calvary Chapel there. That's where their two daughters, Simone’ and Annemarie, were born. The Lord eventually called them to oversee Schloss Heroldeck, the Calvary Chapel Bible College and Conference Center in Millstatt, Austria. In 2002, they moved the Bible College from Austria to Hungary where they lived for three years. In July of 2019, they joined the team Calvary Chapel in Montebelluna, Italy to help oversee the Calvary Chapel Bible College and serve in the church there. 

    Rod and Zuza have been married for twenty-five years. They have three children, Joshua, who is married to Susanna and lives in CA, and Simone and Annemarie, who will both attend university in Budapest, Hungary. 

  • Pastor Craig received the call to full time ministry in 1985 where he ministered among the poor in Juarez Mexico & in war torn El Salvador. From 1988 -1991 he worked in Evangelistic ministry in India, Pakistan and Nepal. In 1991 The Lord called him to Italy where he met and married his wife Silvana and they continued in evangelistic ministry until 1995. After serving for a year at CCBC in Murrieta CA, The Lord called Craig and Silvana back to Italy to plant the Calvary Chapel in Montebelluna Italy. In 2003 the Lord led them to plant a new church in the city of Feltre and in 2007 to plant another church in the city of Padova.

  • Vienna is a big mission field with very few Christians. The majority of the people are officially Catholic but in reality are mostly agnostic and more open to and interested in esoteric spirituality. Many people are leaving the Catholic church to avoid paying the nominal 'church tax' and are also disenchanted with it. At the same time the evangelical church is usually grouped together in their minds with the cults since they generally don’t know anything about the Bible -- so are either skeptical of the Gospel or easily misled. We started the church here in 1998 with a few people and it has been growing slowly over the years, mostly through friendship evangelism and God bringing people searching for teaching and fellowship. We do some street evangelism and surveys, and always get a wide variety of world views, from strict Catholic to Muslim to New Age to Atheist, it's always interesting to share the Gospel here.

  • Rafael pastors an international church, called Santa Ponsa Community Church, and directs the Mallorca Bible School, affiliated with CCBC Murrieta. The church's motto is 'Heart to God, Hand to Man', and it runs several ministries, such as outreach to the homeless, to mums and toddlers, to the poor and needy in the community, evangelism in the busy Saturday flea market, and in the lively city centre of Palma, the capital. We have recently started a Spanish homegroup in Palma, and we are waiting on the Lord to grow it as a church. The church also supports other ministries and missionaries, in Romania, New Zealand, and Azerbajian.

  • Paul served at several Calvary Chapels in South Jersey in a variety of capacities for many years

    before launching out and joining the ministry at the Castle in Austria in January of 2015. In

    2016, he moved to York, England where he teaches at the Bible College and is also involved in

    prison ministry and leading worship. He has also been outreaching to the city of Hull with street

    worship and evangelism for the past few years.

  • Günther, Jennifer, David, Jonathan & Lena Marie:

    Günther is pastoring the Calvary Chapel in Gruenstadt, Germany. We are involved in spreading the word, descipleship, church planting, and evangelism.